1.11. LVIS产品介绍

1.11.1. 什么是LVIS

NASA’s Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor or “LVIS”, is an airborne, wide-swath imaging laser altimeter system that is flown over target areas to collect data on surface topography and 3-d structure. Utilizing a system that includes a 1064 nm-wavelength laser and 3 detectors, the entire time history of the outgoing and return pulses is digitized, allowing unambiguous determination of range and return pulse structure. Combined with aircraft position and attitude knowledge, the sensor produces topographic maps with dm accuracy and vertical height and structure measurements of overflown terrain, e.g., vegetation and ice. LVIS operates at altitudes up to 20km above the ground and is capable of producing a data swath of up to 4km wide with 5m footprint. Flights also include high-resolution camera imagery. Other sensor data (e.g. hyper spectral images) can be collected on request.